Where to hold the encouter

Where you hold a marae encounter should

be off the beaten track and in a relatively

quiet place.  A playing field, conference

center, school gymnasium, or any other

location of suitable size indoors or out will do.

Maori New Zealanders have a special word for the places where encounters are held:

This long, seemingly unpronounceable word means: “The great open field of Tū of the angry face.”

Tu was the ancient Maori god of war.

While nowadays encounters can be held anywhere indoors or out, the place selected needs to be big and wide enough for both communities attending the encounter to be separated from one another at the start by an open, unused arena — symbolically serving as the no-man's land on the "battlefield" of the encounter.

Entirely appropriate would be a location that is of special significance to one or both of the communities meeting on this symbolic battlefield, such as a place of worship, or a community center where everyone can feel both comfortable and welcome.