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Photo: John Edward Terrell

Here are a few of the many good reasons for hosting a marae encounter. 

Welcoming visitorsAny time you are being visited by people from outside your community, school, place of work or worship, consider greeting them as a group on their arrival by honoring them in this unusual way with a marae encounter, a  welcome that they will never forget! 

Handling quarrels & disagreementsHosting an encounter can be an astonishingly successful way of getting people who are strongly "taking sides" to sit down and talk directly with one another. 

Learning from others.  Holding a marae encounter can also be a good way of encouraging people of different faiths, political parties, social points of view, and life experiences to listen and learn from one another.

Sharing common interestsInviting people to an encounter can be a great way of reaching out to other groups and communities having similar interests or concerns.